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Online Self-Help Materials for Anxiety and Depression

PsyberGuide is a non-profit website dedicated to consumers seeking to  make responsible and informed decisions about computer and  device-assisted therapies for mental illnesses.
Provides free evidence-based information about emotional problems and teaches users strategies for preventing them
Living Life to the Full
Offers a free life skills course aimed to provide training in practical approaches you can use to tackle and respond to daily  demands and issues
Here to Help 
A BC-based website that includes tool kits, fact sheets, and discussion forums for depression and anxiety
Get Self Help
A mini 7-step self-help course based on CBT techniques that can be applied to many mental health problems

Online Self-Help Materials for Depression

Teaches cognitive behavioural skills in order to prevent and decrease depressive symptoms
The Depression Center
Offers tools to overcome depression as well as an online support group
Back from the Bluez
Includes 9 free self-help modules to help cope with depression and manage your mood
Keeping Your Balance
An online self-help tool for people with bipolar disorder

Online Self-Help Materials for Anxiety and Panic

Provides self-help information and programs related to the management of anxiety
What? Me Worry?
Offers 11 free self-help modules about chronic worrying and generalized anxiety disorder, and suggested strategies for how you can manage your worrying and anxiety
Panic Stations
Provides 12 free self-help modules with information about panic attacks, and suggested strategies for how you can manage your panic and anxiety
Panic Center
Offers personalized, interactive tools to help challenge and overcome panic

Online Information on Depression, Anxiety, and Panic
Non-profit self-help site that provides expert articles, tips, and information on a range of mental and emotional health topics
Mood Disorders Society of Canada
Includes information, resources, and discussion forums on mood disorders for Canadians

Depression Information Guide - CAMH
Information guide written for people living with depression, their families, and anyone interested in gaining a basic understanding of depression, its treatment, and management
Anxiety Disorders Information Guide - CAMH
Information guide for people with anxiety disorders, their families, partners, friends, and anyone else who might be interested
Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada
Canadian non-profit organization with information on the prevention, treatment and management of anxiety disorders
AnxietyCanada - Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Links to information and self-help strategies for generalized anxiety disorder
AnxietyCanada – Panic Disorder
Links to information and self-help strategies for panic disorder and agoraphobia

Online Self-Guided Treatment for Alcohol Misuse

Take Care of Me 8-week, self-directed online treatment program for young Canadians(18-35), designed to help you cope with symptoms of alcohol use and anxiety/depression.

National Websites

Canadian Mental Health Association
A national community based organization website with useful resources on a variety of mental health topics
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Canadian information and resources page for the treatment and management of various mental health conditions
CAMIMH - Faces of mental illness
Canadian Alliance of Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) nominates five Canadians who are prepared to share their personal struggle with mental illness. Hear their stories.