The Online Therapy Unit is open and is not currently experiencing service delays related to COVID-19. For a few mental health tips related to COVID-19 click here.



Recent Canadian Collaborators: 
 Harminder Guliani, PhD, Economics, U of R
 Julia Witt, PhD, Economics, University of Manitoba,
 Amy Zarzeczny, LLM, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, U of R
 Matthew Keough, Psychology, York University
 Swati Mehta, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Recent International Collaborators: 
 Blake Dear, PhD, eCentreClinic and MindSpot Clinic, Macquarie University
 Nickolai Titov, PhD, eCentreClinic and MindSpot Clinic, Macquarie University
 Eyal Karin, PhD, eCentreClinic, Macquarie University
 Christopher Sundström, PhD, Karolinska Institute
 Michael Schaub, PhD, University of Zurich
 Susanne Jernelov, PhD, Karolinska Institute
 Viktor Kaldo, PhD, Karolinska Institute
Health System Advisors:
 Community Care Branch, Saskatchewan Ministry of Health
 Canadian Mental Health Association - Saskatchewan Division, Regina
 Mental Health and Addictions, Saskatchewan Health Authority